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Seattle says ‘No’ to war with Russia!

By Dylan Pruitt

Seattle protest against war with Russia.

Seattle, WA – Braving the freezing cold and rain, around 70 to 80 people gathered at Westlake Park, February 26, to demand no more U.S. wars. The rally, hosted by Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) Seattle alongside several endorsing organizations, featured speakers calling for an end to U.S. intervention and military action in Ukraine as events in the region unfold at a breakneck pace.

The rally was endorsed Party for Socialism and Liberation, About Face Veterans, Serve the People Tacoma, Anakbayan Seattle, Cascadian Workers Association and Party of Communists USA. Along with FRSO, these organizations came out to voice strong opposition to U.S. imperialism. They also drew attention to the role that the U.S. and NATO have played in setting the stage for the current war in Ukraine. They called for an end to NATO and the dismantling of U.S. empire abroad.

“We are here to push back against calls for the U.S. to get involved in conflicts across the world. Not because we are isolationists, but because we are internationalists. We know what the number one threat globally is, it’s the USA,” said a member of FRSO Seattle.

As the night grew dark, chants of “No to NATO! No to NATO,” and “Money for jobs and education, not for wars and occupation!” rang out in the courtyard of Westlake Park.

Also speaking were representatives from Cascadian Workers Association, About Face Veterans, International League of Peoples Struggles, and Party for Socialism and Liberation. Each speaker related their group’s experiences fighting against imperialism and called for solidarity among anti-war and anti-imperialist comrades.

FRSO Seattle plans to continue fighting alongside allied organizations against U.S. war and aggression.

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