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Seattle Homegrown workers picket amidst contract fight

By Sydney Lankford

Seattle Homegrown workers fighting for a decent contract.

Seattle, WA – On Saturday, June 3 Homegrown workers and community supporters held a picket in front of the Queen Anne location of Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches, amidst their fight for a first contract with UNITE HERE Local 8.

The picket came days after Homegrown workers saw the company’s first response to the economic demands during contract bargaining earlier that week on Tuesday, May 30.

“Homegrown, Homegrown you can’t hide, we can see your greedy side!” called workers from the picket lines. Cafe workers gave their thoughts on the $1.75 proposed raise offered by the company.

“I think it’s disrespectful and insulting and arrogant,” said Dre Say from the downtown location. In their original contract proposed on Tuesday, May 2 the Homegrown workers union bargaining committee demanded a $5.25 raise.

Homegrown Group LLC reportedly purchased Pete’s Milk Delivery in early 2023 while the company was in contract negotiations with their employees.

“I feel we’re being unfairly treated, and I believe we should be getting a fair wage,” said Mia Martin of the University Village location. “If they can buy a milk company they can pay us more.”

In the middle of picketing, workers came together to give speeches stressing the need to continue taking action to put pressure on the company. Then picketers resumed, marching and chanting, “We are not just sandwich makers. Homegrown profits off our labor!” among other chants, until 2 p.m.

A majority of Homegrown workers signed union cards with UNITE HERE Local 8 in June 2022. The Saturday picket marks the one-year anniversary that Homegrown workers have been fighting publicly for a union. Their next scheduled bargaining date is Tuesday, June 13.

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