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SDS Southern Tour in Louisiana, building the march on the RNC

By staff

New Orleans, LA – Organizers from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) canvassed campuses in New Orleans, August 21, including the University of New Orleans, Loyola University and Tulane University. They were there to promote the August 27 march on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Student organizers from Utah, Wisconsin and New Orleans are also building SDS chapters by leafleting and gathering hundreds of contacts.

New SDS chapters in the process of forming already have the enthusiastic support of some local unions, sympathetic campus staff and community based social justice organizations.

Students interested in building campaigns to defend education rights, fight racism on campus and to work closely with campus workers to support union drives will meet in SDS meetings on their respective campuses this week.

Building new SDS chapters in Mississippi and Louisiana will tie together a huge network of chapters across the South, anchored by a strong base of five existing SDS chapters in Florida.

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