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SDS Southern Tour builds student movement, march on RNC

By Cecelia O’ Brien

Athens, GA – The Eastern contingent of Students for a Democratic Society’s Southern Tour visited the University of Georgia-Athens on August 21. The tour is part of an effort to build student activism in the South and to mobilize for the march on the Republican National Convention, August 27. Students were extremely receptive and we are glad to report that the University of Georgia-Athens has now started a chapter of SDS.

Michael Sampson, a Florida State University student, felt that it was “an astonishing experience to meet so many young new activists ready to flourish at University of Georgia-Athens. At this rate of growth, the student movement in the U.S. is heading for an upsurge.”

The student activists relayed experiences with the Western portion of the Southern Tour. A carload of activists from Utah, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and other cities are participating in the tour. Both portions of the tour were excited to communicate similar experiences to each other so far.

The Eastern contingent continues on to Atlanta tomorrow to visit with organizers at Georgia State University. The group has plans to give an interview with the college radio station, Album 88. Updates can be expected continuously throughout the tour.

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