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SDS completes Southern Tour, preparing for RNC protests

By staff

SDS members at conclusion of Southern Tour.

Tampa, FL – Members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) from the Eastern and Western wings of the Southern Tour met up in Tampa, Florida after completing their tour of campuses in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia.

Along the tour route, organizers met with dozens of activist students, gathered hundreds of phone numbers and emails, built interest in SDS chapters and affiliates, and took interviews by student newspapers and radio stations. Thousands of fliers were distributed for the protest of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa on Monday, as well as the upcoming SDS National Convention in Gainesville, October 26-29.

“We learned a lot of great lessons from this trip, and feel confident we’ll be building one of the strongest student meet-ups of the year at SDS’s National Convention,” said SDS organizer Cecelia O’Brien, from Tallahassee, Florida.

Now gathered with others from the Coalition to March on the RNC, the SDS organizers from around the country are spreading out throughout the city of Tampa to build for the march on the RNC. The protest will start at 10am, August 27, in Nelson Harvey, Sr. Park.

The National Weather Service has reported potential strong weather conditions. When asked about the upcoming weather concerns, SDS organizer Josh West from Salt Lake City, Utah said, “SDSers are going all out to protest regardless of the weather. Republicans and the 1% may be afraid to meet indoors during a rain storm, but those who fight for change will be out in the streets.”

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