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SDS builds for May 20 NATO protest

By staff

Chicago, IL – On Sunday, May 20, students throughout the country will come together in Chicago to join the student contingent in opposition to the NATO summit and demand money for education, not for war.

A statement being circulated by SDS states, “While students are forced to work and go to school full-time just to pay for books, our government is pouring trillions of dollars into wars and occupations abroad that result in thousands of deaths, claiming that there is no money to be found for social services like education, housing and health care. Ending the wars would mean trillions of dollars of savings annually that could be spent on human needs here in the United States! We want money for education, not for war!”

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a member of the Coalition to Protest the NATO & G8 War & Poverty Agenda, has been working for months in anticipation of this protest. Stephanie Taylor, a member of SDS’ National Working Committee explains, “We have students coming here from coast to coast. We have traveled to meetings in Chicago and have been projecting this protest for months. Protesting NATO is important for the student movement because money for education is being annihilated while our country spends trillions of dollars maintaining the war and occupation of Afghanistan.”

Some SDS chapters will be joining with area organizations and the Occupy movement to bring folks down, while others will be organizing multiple-car caravans. SDS members in Milwaukee are bringing a bus of students and Occupy protesters.

Chapters throughout Florida that are involved with the Coalition to March on the RNC will also be attending. Dave Schneider from Gainesville, Florida SDS says, “We’re bringing up three cars from chapters throughout Florida to march with students from around the country. As we build for the Republican National Convention protests later this summer in Tampa, we understand the significance and impact of national demonstrations.”

SDS affiliates from the Revolutionary Student Union (RSU) in Utah will also be joining in on the day’s events. Recently, Gregory Lucero, an activist with RSU was visited by the FBI who attempted to make probing questions about the people and organizations involved in the NATO protests. While Lucero did not answer any questions, it is clear that the FBI is continuing its attacks against the anti-war and international solidarity movement.

Stephanie Taylor said, “The most important thing is to be on the streets to oppose the war policies of the United States and its lackeys. It’s time for our country to put people before profits, we need to stop the NATO war machine and students have an important contribution to make in that.”

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