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Scott Walker greeted by protesters in Minnesota

By staff

St Paul protest slams Scott Walker appearance

Saint Paul, MN – Thirty people gathered outside O’Gara’s Bar to picket against Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker. Walker was speaking at a fundraiser for the right-wing pro-corporate Minnesota Jobs Coalition.

The protesters only found out about the event a few hours beforehand and mobilized quickly to oppose Walker’s presence. The protesters picketed in front of O’Gara’s for an hour in the rain as people were going inside for the event. They chanted, “What’s disgusting? Union busting!” “Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker has got to go!” and other pro-union and anti-Walker slogans.

Walker has gained notoriety with harsh attacks on unions in Wisconsin and from his close relationship with the right-wing billionaires the Koch Brothers. His union busting provoked massive protests and a recall election in Wisconsin. He has also attacked immigrant rights, public education, women’s reproductive rights and more. Now Walker wants to bring those attacks to the national level by running for president.

Groups that were present protesting against Walker included the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, Iron Workers Local 512, Operating Engineers Local 49 and others.

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