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San Jose: Large protest against Israeli attacks on Palestinians

By staff

San Jose stands with Palestine.

San Jose, CA – Over 400 demonstrators gathered at the Peace Corner of San Jose, May 10, and marched through Santana Row demanding an end of the occupation of Palestine. The organizers of the action responded to the pogrom in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, and demanded justice.

The crowd had a high concentration of Arabs, mothers and children, and a majority of the crowd was under the age of 35.

At the beginning of the action, a man attacked a Palestinian and ran into the shadows. After feelings subsided, the organizers led the march through Santana Row, which is a highly gentrified outdoor shopping center.

The protest ended with a speech calling on the people of San Jose to continue their international solidarity and linked the oppression of the Palestinians to that of Black people in the United States.

This protest is a welcome development and it highlights the consciousness the people have of the crimes against humanity committed by ‘Israel.’ People chanted “Free free Palestine,” “We support the Intifada,” and “From Palestine to Mexico, all these walls have got to go.”

The organizations participating in the protest included the Palestinian Youth Movement, BLACK Outreach, the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, and the American Muslims for Palestine.

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