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San Jose, CA: Thousands march through Santana Row in support of Palestine

By Alexander Woolner

Massive Palestine solidarity action in San Jose, California.

San Jose, CA – On October 15, around 3000 protesters in San Jose gathered at the intersection of Winchester and Stevens Creek, waving Palestinian flags and signs. With heavy traffic on the road, they yelled chants like “Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry, Palestine will never die.”

The crowd marched into the center of Santana Row where a moment of silence was held for those martyred, and the names of the dead read aloud. 

Drusie Kazanova, an organizer with the San José chapter of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, said, “The U.S. bears equal responsibility for the genocide being committed against the Palestinian people. While Israel rains down bombs upon the men, women and children of Gaza, the U.S. is sending billions of dollars to fund these atrocities.”

Kazanova continued, “The working class of the U.S. and the Palestinian people have a common enemy in U.S. imperialism. We stand in solidarity with Palestine and demand an end to U.S. military and financial aid to Israel. We must fight back against U.S. involvement in another war in the Middle East.”

The march was organized by a coalition of local organizations, including Palestinian Youth Movement, Justice for Palestinians, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Silicon Valley for Palestine, Hero Tent, Freedom Road Socialist Organization San Jose, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation Bay Area.

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