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San Francisco: Thousands march for Palestine

By Alexander Woolner

Palestine solidarity march in San Francisco,

San Francisco, CA – On May 13, over 9000 people gathered at the intersection of Valencia and 16th Streets to rally and march in solidarity with Palestine, demanding an end to Israel’s collective punishment and ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The protest was organized by the Arab Resource and Organizing Center along with the Bay Area chapter of the Palestinian Youth Movement.

People marched down Mission Street, led by a truck, looping around to a final rally at Dorset park. The crowd was filled with Palestinian flags and people wearing keffiyehs.

“My family right now is in Gaza worried about their existence on this planet,” said Zeyad Elomari of the Palestinian Youth Movement. “We see the Black struggle for liberation the same as the Palestinian struggle for liberation. It's all connected. We are joining in our struggles, we have people from the Black Lives Matter movement coming to our protest today, just as we went to the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protests.”

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