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Salt Lake City says no to the ‘National Emergency’ to build wall

By Bryn Dayton

Salt Lake City protest against Trump's wall.

Salt Lake City, UT – 40 community members gathered on a cold Saturday afternoon, February 23, to protest Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border. People came out to denounce what is understood as a racist and anti-immigrant ‘emergency’ and border wall. They also came because of the anti-immigrant attacks that continue to happen in Salt Lake City. Police brutalize Black and brown people, family members continue to be deported and anti-immigrant white supremacist groups have started organizing on college campuses in the city.

Ella Mendoza, with the Nopalera Artist Collective, said they came to the protest, “because I’m undocumented and fuck anyone who is trying to pick on my people.” When asked what needs to be done next, Mendoza urged people to create banners, rallies, art, anything but sitting around and doing nothing.

Students from both the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) came to the rally, concerned about the emerging white supremacist activity on both campuses. “We’re trying to organize an event at our school, because I feel like our school sort of stays quiet when certain things happen, and it needs to be addressed,” said a member of Latinx Student Union at SLCC.

The Trump administration needs to know that they are facing resistance from across the United States, and that Salt Lake City will stand strong and fight for our undocumented friends and family until the attacks stop.

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