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Salt Lake City families and activists launch Utah Against Police Brutality

By Alyssa Ferris

Utah mass meeting on fighting police brutality.

Salt Lake City, UT – 70 activists gathered on Nov. 19 for a meeting of Utah Against Police Brutality at the main public library. Utah Against Police Brutality is dedicated to organizing the struggle against killer cops in Utah. People discussed everything from leading protests, to raising awareness through social media, to pressuring local politicians to change legislation.

Chris Manor, who operates the Utah Against Police Brutality Facebook page and moderated the meeting said, “We need to think about what changes we need to make so that police don’t get away with murder.”

Gina Thayne spoke about her family’s ordeal, as well as the larger struggle against police brutality. Salt Lake City Police murdered her nephew Dillon Taylor in front of his brother and cousin at a convenience store.

Gina Thayne implored the conference room “We’re not only losing our loved ones, we’re losing our rights as citizens. Our people need to stand up and fight for their rights.”

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