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Salt Lake City calls for charges against Rasmea Odeh to be dropped

By Cannon Atkinson

Salt Lake City rally in support of Rasmea Odeh

Salt Lake City, UT – Activists braved the cold to stand in front of the Wallace F. Bennett Federal building, Oct. 2, to declare their solidarity with Rasmea Odeh. The anti-war protesters called for U.S. Department of Justice Prosecutor Jonathan Tukel to drop the charges against her. The message came on the same day that Judge Gershwin Drain refused to dismiss her case. The evidence being used against Odeh was obtained illegally during the investigation of the Anti-War 23. Despite the best efforts of Odeh’s defense team, the U.S. government is intent on putting her in prison and deporting her. Groups in eight cities held solidarity protests for the 67-year-old Palestinian American leader from Chicago.

Gregory Lucero, speaking on behalf of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, said, “These attacks affect all activists, from anti-war protesters like the Anti-War 23, to Chicano leaders like Carlos Montes in Los Angeles, to community organizers down in the South and even student leaders here in Utah.” His points echo the concerns of many who support Rasmea Odeh, all of whom are worried about her well-being, but also the potential well-being of their friends and family.

The president of the Revolutionary Students Union of Salt Lake Community College, Sarah Simmons, explained, “It’s important for us to come out here and show others that we will stand up against injustice. Salt Lake stands with Rasmea, the RSU stands with Rasmea, all of us stand with Rasmea.” Members of the Revolutionary Students Union joined in a solidarity chant and promised to return to the campuses and courthouses on Oct. 21 when Odeh appears in Detroit for the next hearing.

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