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Republicans shove ‘Right to Work’ through Senate labor committee

By staff

Protesting 'right to work' legislation in Wisconsin.

Madison, WI – Republicans pushed ‘Right to Work’ through the Senate labor committee, Feb. 24, and the bill will move to the Senate floor for debate Feb. 25.

After an afternoon protest, people filled the Senate labor committee hearing room and two overflow hearing rooms while others kept a presence in the rest of the building.

Working people of Wisconsin drove as long as six hours to give testimony against the bill. After six and a half hours of public testimony the Republican chair of the committee said there was a credible threat of the proceedings being interrupted and immediately moved for a vote.

“Thousands of people came to the Capitol to have their voice heard and oppose the so-called Right to Work legislation. Rather than hear their voices, Republicans chose to try to silence them. Those who refuse to be silent will rally at the Capitol tomorrow and the days to come,” said Kas Schwerdtfeger, a rank-and-file Teamster.

Protesters filled the hallways chanting and tried to get into the meeting room as Republicans snuck out. After moving to the closed off Senate chambers, the committee voted along party lines to pass the bill.

Another protest is planned for Feb. 25, while the Senate is expected to start their debate in the early afternoon. The Assembly is expected to take up this issue early next week.

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