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Real Name Campaign NOLA condemns Rand Paul’s speech, other transphobic attacks

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Real Name Campaign NOLA

New Orleans, LA – The Real Name Campaign wholly condemns Rand Paul’s repulsive and transphobic attack on Rachel Levine’s nomination. He was only taking the stage to spread bigotry and fear about trans people – in a time when trans lives are already under tremendous attack. Gender transition-related medical care saves countless lives and involves rigorous, even restrictive, procedures of access for adults and minors. But Paul harped incessantly on the non-existent threat of children’s “genital mutilation” and spewed insulting diatribes against hormone therapy. His particular focus on “infertility” shows his true face as a (trans)misogynist set on eliminating reproductive rights. Particularly, as trans boys and men gain more visibility, conservative backlash and threats against them, such as Rand Paul’s, increase.

This is coming on the heels of 2020’s record killings of mostly Black and Latinx trans women. Puerto Rico had to declare a state of emergency to handle its transphobic murders. The Republican call to supposedly “protect women” somehow leaves these women out. Nearly a third of trans and gender non-conforming teens have attempted suicide, yet this is not the priority for conservatives who claim to be protecting our children.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing a wave of reactionary state legislatures throughout the country plotting to ban trans girls from women’s sports. Republicans have most recently launched the crusade in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, Tennessee. Louisiana’s so-called “Save Women’s Sports Act” helped spur the attack last year. This happens because of disgusting transphobia like Rand Paul’s, especially conservative attacks against already under-funded and under-researched trans healthcare.

We have to keep in mind that this conservative backlash is a desperate scramble to clamp down on the power of our movement. Also, while Democrats have paid lip service to the trans movement, they've done little-to-nothing to protect and promote fundamental trans rights and livelihoods themselves.

This is why it’s critical to celebrate movement victories and to keep gaining more, in Louisiana and nationwide. The fight for accessible name and gender marker changes is one important way forward to win back trans lives and dignity. Trans-led mutual aid initiatives have also played an invaluable part in defending trans people. We will hold our heads high and we will win.

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