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Day of Remembrance features Ralph Lazo Story

By Naomi Nakamura

Steve Nagano presentó la película Lucha por la Justicia

San José, CA – Speaking from behind a symbol of the World War II concentration camps for Japanese Americans, Steve Nagano of the Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress – Los Angeles introduces the film Stand Up for Justice – The Ralph Lazo Story at the San Jose Day of Remembrance event organized by the Nihonmachi Outreach Committee. Ralph Lazo was a young Chicano who went to a concentration camp during World War II, along with his Japanese American friends. This year’s event drew almost 300 people, the largest audience since the 1980s struggle for redress and reparations for Japanese Americans. The event also featured statements from the local Buddhist temple, Methodist church and Islamic mosque, speakers from other Japanese American organizations and politicians, a candlelight procession and cultural performances.

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