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Rally for People’s Agenda planned for Biden’s Milwaukee visit

By staff

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Milwaukee, WI – President Joe Biden will be traveling to the Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee at 7 p.m. on the evening of February 16 for a CNN Town Hall. The trip will mark one of the new president’s first times away from Washington, D.C. While Biden is speaking to an invite-only crowd inside the confines of the Pabst, a coalition of various organizations in the city will be rallying across the street outside city hall.

“While we’re all glad to see Trump out of the White House, none of the problems that existed during his four years are resolved. In fact, Biden has already done some backsliding on campaign promises,” said Ryan Hamann, a leader with Wisconsin Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Hamann continued, “The only way to advance our demands is by staying organized, building unity with those who share common goals, and continuing to fight in our communities, at our workplaces, and on our campuses. When we organize and fight back, we win!”

The demands put forward for the demonstration are: 1) Relief for the people; 2) End police crimes and white supremacy; 3) Defend indigenous sovereignty and protect the earth; 4) End the wars and no more sanctions; and 5) Legalization for all and abolish ICE. Each of these points encompasses many particulars which will be covered by the list of speakers for the event.

Many organizations agreed to come together on short notice to provide a welcoming party for the new president. The demonstration marks the second time this year where a handful of these groups has come together for a protest. A January action served to denounce the white supremacist flash mob at the capitol, the demand COVID relief, and an end to police crimes. As crises continue to grip the U.S., collective actions in cities across the country will only grow in importance.

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