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Rally launches campaign for the North STAR Act in support of immigrant rights

By staff

Immigrant rights supporters rally for North Star Act in front of MN State Capitol

Saint Paul, MN – On Monday, February 12, the opening day of the state legislative session, members of the North STAR Alliance and others gathered to support the North STAR Act at the Upper Mall of the Minnesota State Capitol. About 100 people attended holding blue signs with the new Minnesota state flag that read: “Stand with Immigrants, support the North STAR Act” while listening to speakers from the North STAR Alliance.

The North STAR Act is a bill being introduced into the Minnesota legislature that, if passed, would

prohibit state and local law enforcement from using state resources for the purpose of civil immigration enforcement. Key components of the bill include separation from federal immigration enforcement, protecting Minnesotans’ data, banning state government officials from immigration enforcement, and building trust and inclusion. Similar legislation has already passed in several other states.

The support rally was initiated by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) and the North STAR Alliance. The chief authors of the North STAR Act, Representative Sandra Feist (D-New Brighton) and Senator Omar Fateh (D-Minneapolis), as well as representatives from the North STAR Alliance, spoke to the importance of this transformative legislation, and to the urgent need for Minnesota to take steps to protect our immigrant communities. Aside from the chief authors, speakers included members from The MN Freedom Fund, COPAL MN, Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (ICOM), Minnesota 8, St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee.

Miguel Hernandez, a member of MIRAC, said: “This is just the beginning, we need to keep going, we need to keep pushing this bill all over the state, what is coming here this coming election year will bring a lot of fear, but we’re here to say no. We’re here to support the North STAR Act and here to say enough.”

After the program of speakers, chants and music came to a close, the group walked up the capitol steps and into the building for a spirited march around the capitol rotunda. “Say it loud, say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here!” was heard echoing through the capitol chambers. Some members of the group continued the march, ascending the stairs to chant and hold signs outside of the chambers where the House and Senate were meeting.

Immigrant rights supporters in Minnesota should stay tuned for further actions to support the North STAR Act as the legislative session continues.

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