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Quad City Die Casting: Struggle catches fire as workers from around the country rally in support

By Fight Back! Editors

Quad City Die Casting workers rally at a Wells Fargo branch.

The workers of Quad City Die Casting are on the frontlines in the battle against plant closures.

Quad City Die Casting is a tool and die factory in Moline Illinois, on the Illinois/Iowa border.   Quad City had been a successful locally-owned factory, until the current economic crisis, making custom aluminum parts for farm equipment dealers and manufacturing.  Even though business is down during the current crisis, this factory has been a source of steady work for Moline workers for generations.  The factory has a loyal customer base that would continue to buy parts from the factory.  With sufficient credit lines the factory could stay in business and the 100 workers could stay on the job during this crisis.  Instead, Wells Fargo Bank, which got 25 billion dollars in bailout money, has cut off credit to the factory and without a new development, Quad City Die Casting will close this summer.

The workers of Quad City Die Casting, members of United Electrical Local 1174 are determined not to see the factory close.  Inspired by the workers of their sister local at Republic Doors and Windows in Chicago they will not to let their jobs disappear without a fight.  Quad City Die Casting workers are taking their struggle to Wells Fargo Banks across the nation and to the streets of the Quad Cities.

Workers all over the country have taken up the call for Solidarity.  Supporters are demanding a stop to the “Jobicide” and “Homeicide” Wells Fargo is committing.  In a crisis like this the banks and the big corporations will do anything to protect their high paid executives and share holders while workers fall into unemployment and foreclosure.  Wells Fargo is no exception.  In fact they are gaining a reputation for being absolutely unwilling to renegotiate mortgage terms or do anything else that might help working people in this country. Wells Fargo has basically already been paid for each and every bad loan on their books in the form of bailout/TARP funds.  This is outrageous; we cannot stand for this behavior from the greedy bankers.

The fact is that this is the worst economic crisis since the 1930's.  Whatever we might hope for in terms of a recovery, we are not likely to see one soon.  Even when it does come, it will be a recovery for the rich with continued misery for us.  Our answer to that must be that we have to fight for each and every job. Every Quad City Die Casting is our own struggle because any one of our workplaces could be next.

The struggle of the Quad City Workers is the struggle that our class needs to be engaged in this summer.  It is a struggle of workers who are willing to fight and a Union that will support that fight.  The demand that Wells Fargo extend the factory enough credit to survive this crisis is one that can be won.  There are Wells Fargo banks all over the country, any one can take up this important call for solidarity.

There will be an important action at the on Thursday, July 9 at 5:00 pm to dramatize the fact that Wells Fargo is a roadblock to economic recovery.  There will be a bold action in front of the Wells Fargo at 1800 30th St. in Rock Island, Illinois. Please attend if you are in the area or can travel to the Quad Cities on that day.  Fight Back! News will be there and so should you.

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