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Protests hit repression of Puerto Rican independence activists

By staff

This is a photo of a mass march in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Demanding a halt to the repression of activists working for the independence of Puerto Rico, about 1000 people rallied at the Federal Courthouse here, Jan. 10. Protests took place in ten other cities including, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

Three young Puerto Ricans, Tania Frontera, Christopher Torres and Julio Pabón, have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury in New York. Organizers of the protests say the government wants to obtain information about the Popular Boricua Army – Macheteros, including identifying a series of independence leaders affiliated with organizations that struggle for the decolonization and independence of Puerto Rico.

The grand jury, which was scheduled to convene in mid-January, has now been pushed back to February.

Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States. A large movement is working to end U.S. domination there to achieve independence.

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