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Puerto Rico Tribunal puts U.S. on trial

By staff

International Peoples Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico

New York, NY – Over 150 people gathered at the Holyrood Church in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City on October 27 for the International Peoples Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico.

Fifteen leaders from various movements, such as national liberation, student and anti-war organizations, sat on the jury. This included Pam Africa of MOVE; Chrisley Carpio, a national leader of Students for a Democratic Society; Deirdre Griswold of Workers World Party; and Bernadette Ellorin of BAYAN USA.

The jurors heard testimony from an array of speakers and witnesses to the U.S. crimes against Puerto Rico. The crimes included environmental destruction by the U.S. Navy; 120 years of repression of liberation activists, such as Nina Droz Franco; capitalist crimes, including the Promesa Law, privatization and debt; and social and cultural crimes, like the forced sterilization of women. Two notable testimonials were given by José Lopez Rivera and Rafael Cancel Miranda, both important leaders in the Puerto Rican national liberation movement.

After deliberating, the jury unanimously declared that the United States was guilty of crimes against Puerto Rico.

The tribunal was called by A Call to Action PR, Collectives of the Boricua Resistance, Philadelphia-Camden Boricua Committee, International Action Center, and the Promises Are Over Collective.

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