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Protests held across Scotland against Trump's UK visit

By Rusty Mila

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Glasgow, Scotland – Donald Trump visited Scotland this weekend as part of his four-day trip to Britain. Trumps visit comes at a politically uncertain time, with Britain still in the process of negotiating exit terms with the European Union. With Brexit in mind, British Prime Minister Theresa May is keen to strengthen the U.S.-UK alliance, which the ruling class in Britain commonly refers to as the ‘special relationship.’ However, May’s Tory government is increasingly divided, with several of her cabinet resigning over the past week. The ‘Brexiteers’ who have resigned, including the Secretary of State Boris Johnson and David Davis, citing what they see as a ‘soft’ Brexit. In this backdrop, May will be keen to secure a trade agreement with the U.S. and cement Britain’s position as a junior partner to U.S. imperialism.

In Scotland Scottish National Party (SNP) leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made her disapproval of Trump plain in the past and it appears will be keeping her distance during this visit. Instead of meeting with Trump, she helped to lead Glasgow's massive Pride march of 5000 people this weekend. The SNP’s depute leader, Keith Brown, before Trump’s visit said, “Scotland today stands united – with people from all backgrounds and all nations – against Donald Trump. We will send a message to Donald Trump that Scotland rejects the abhorrent treatment of little children on the U.S. -Mexican border. Scotland opposes his attempt to wreck the Paris Climate Agreement and his vilification of Muslims. We also oppose his barbaric language and treatment of women. Our message will be clear: Scotland rejects Trump’s politics of division and hatred and we stand with our friends in the U.S. who oppose him.”

As a result of Trumps visit, protests were held across Scotland including in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeenshire. In Glasgow’s George Square over 3000 protesters held up banners with messages against Trumps policies including, “Give the weans [children] Irn Bru [a famous Scottish soft drink] not iron cages” as well as many other inventive signs urging Trump to “Get tae fuck.” The crowd consisted of people from all walks of life, with the overwhelming majority there to protest against Trump. Many Scots in attendance were in a jovial mood with many people frequently using the colorful term “bawbag” to describe Trump.

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