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Protests continue in Baltimore demanding justice for Freddie Gray, National Guard called in

By Michael Sampson

Police attempting to use repression to stop protests for justice

Baltimore, MD – Protesters’ clashes with police continued throughout the evening of April 27 as police moved into West Baltimore, setting up blockades of riot police everywhere and stopping residents from coming and going freely where they live.

A rebellion is sweeping Baltimore in response to the police murder of Freddie Gray.

Police used tear gas, smoke bombs and the LRAD sound canons attempting to disperse protesters. Those efforts had little effect in stopping the people of West Baltimore. Some shouted at police, “Get out of our community.”

The governor of Maryland called in the National Guard an attempt to quell protests demanding justice for Freddy Gray. The city has issued a curfew throughout this week for Baltimore residents.

Baltimore is being rocked by protests against killer cops

Powerful protest movement in Baltimore to demand justice for Freddy Gray

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