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Protests continue against Baltimore’s killer cops

By Michael Sampson

Demand justice for Freddie Gray

Baltimore protest confronts cops while demanding justice for Freddie Gray.

Baltimore, MD – Hundreds of Baltimore residents took to the streets for the fourth consecutive day, April 22, demanding justice for Freddie Gray. Gray was an African American man murdered while in Baltimore police custody. Protesters held a long marched from West Baltimore to City Hall, shutting down major intersections along the way, chanting, “All night, all day, we gonna fight for Freddie Gray.”

Protesters demanded the six police officers involved with Gray's murder be arrested and jailed for their crimes. They chanted, “We want all six!”

“Cops don't appreciate our lives. Police suppose to protect us but are the ones that are killing us,” said Joseph Snowden, long-time West Baltimore resident. “All we have is ourselves.”

Protesters attempted to march on Interstate 83 but were met with police car barricades and officers in formation. Protesters then marched back to the Western District Police Department headquarters, joining other demonstrators already gathered. Speakers called for more actions until justice is done and the six police are arrested and jailed.

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