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Protesters remain inside Wisconsin State Capitol, determined to stay

By staff

Madison, WI – Despite a 4:00 p.m. police deadline to leave the Wisconsin state capitol , more than 600 protesters, including trade unions, community supporters and students remain on the upper floors of the building , as of 6:00 pm, Feb. 27. Chants against Governor Walker and his union busting plans are echoing throughout the halls. As of this writing, no arrests have taken place. Police have closed the entrances to prevent more people from joining the protest inside.

According to reports, thousands of protesters have formed a ring around the outside of the building. Those inside are determined to stay.

The attempt by Governor Walker to push legislation taking away the collective bargaining rights of public employees has sparked huge demonstrations in Wisconsin and solidarity actions around the county.

Fight Back News Service will be carrying updates on the fight at the Wisconsin State Capitol thought out the evening.

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