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Protesters fight back against deportation of human rights advocate

By staff

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New York, NY – Over 30 people gathered for an emergency rally held for Jerome Succor Aba, a Filipino peace activist who was denied entry to the U.S. and sent back to Manila after being tortured at the San Francisco airport. Aba was scheduled to speak on the “Stop the Killings” speaking tour to expose the Duterte government and its U.S. backers. The rally took place in front of the Department of Homeland Security.

The crowd chanted and gave speeches demanding “Justice for Jerome.” Michael Garrovillas spoke on behalf of Anakbayan New York.

“As youth and students and beyond, exposing and opposing the fascist U.S.-Duterte regime, for a truly just and lasting peace in the Philippines, the militarized state here in the U.S. to the Philippines will continue to try any methods of fear and intimidation. But we know that the People’s movement – from the legal aboveground grassroots organizations of BAYAN to the underground organizations of the CPP-NPA-NDFP [Communist Party of the Philippines -New People’s Army-National Democratic Front of the Philippines], who continue to fight for genuine rights, welfare and land for the Filipino people – will win!” Garrovillas said.

The rally concluded with a march to Washington Square Park, to join in with the Great Return March solidarity action taking place there.

The rally was organized by New York Human Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) with other Filipino and solidarity organizations in attendance. The Stop the Killings tour will be making stops in New Jersey on April 25, and New York on April 26. You can find more information Here and here.

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