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Protest organizers demand Cleveland officials to issue permits to march on the RNC

By staff

Cleveland, OH – Organizers of the ‘Stop Trump’ march set for July 18, the opening day of Republican National Convention, held a press conference at City Hall, June 30, to press the demand that the city issue permits for the protest.

Tom Burke, spokesperson for the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC states, “The city needs to stop being stubborn and give us decent permits that allow people who are coming from around the U.S. to march on the RNC.”

Mick Kelly, also a Coalition spokesperson, states, “We plan on holding the kind of protest that people can bring their families to, and we want permits. We are serious about exercising our right to protest the Republican agenda of racism and reaction. If we do not get the permits we need, we still plan on going to the Quicken Loans Arena – the site of the RNC.”

The Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC is planning a July 18 noon time rally at Cleveland Public Square, followed by a march down Ontario to the arena where the RNC is meeting.

Before the press conference, activists promoting protests at the RNC crashed the reopening of Cleveland Square Park, a major civic event featuring Mayor Jackson and many other city officials. Activist held a banner denouncing Trump, and passed out leaflets promoting the protests at the RNC.

Many of the organizations backing the protest have organized large demonstrations at Trump campaign appearances across the U.S. More than 40 immigrant rights, student, anti-war, labor and low-income organizations have announced their support for the protest.

The demonstration will put forward the slogans, “Dump Trump, Say No to the Republican Agenda. Stand Against Racist, Anti-immigrant and Anti-Muslim Attacks. We Demand Peace, Justice and Equality.”

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