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Protest of Ohio cop hitting women in face

By staff

Protest against police brutality in Butler Township, OH.

Butler Township, OH – On Saturday January 21, a few dozen people gathered in protest outside a local McDonald’s, chanting “Black lives matter,” “Women’s lives matter,” “No justice, no peace, no racist police” and “Boycott McDonald’s.” The event was hosted by Black Lives Matter-Dayton with the intention of bringing community awareness to an incident of police excessive use of force that had occurred earlier that week.

Latinka Hancock was struck in the face and head three times by Sergeant Todd Stanley while Officer Tim Zellers had a stun gun aimed at her. After receiving an incorrect order at the McDonald’s in Butler Township, Latinka Hancock went into the establishment to have her order corrected by receiving her extra piece of cheese. An employee at the McDonald’s called officers to trespass Hancock from the restaurant, which resulted in Hancock’s arrest and subsequently, her assault in the parking lot. A bystander filmed the officer’s excessive use of force.

Speakers at the event called for the community to stand up against institutions that disrespect the Black community. Steven Matlock, a local pastor spoke, stating that the police should have had “an appropriate, different response” and that the cops involved should be “fired on the spot.” Carlos Buford, the founder of BLM-Dayton, urged protest-goers that action needs to go beyond mere protest and encouraged them to sign the petition against qualified immunity in Ohio.

Currently, Stanley and Zellers are under investigation. Stanley has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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