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Protest music confronts the Trump era: 20 protest songs of 2017

By brad

St. Paul, MN – In 2017, the people’s movements took to the streets in huge numbers, facing off against Donald Trump as he assumed the presidency along with his band of billionaires and generals. Like many hated right-wing politicians before him, Trump has provoked not just protests but also a lot of music reflecting on and expressing outrage about his reactionary actions and words.

Here are my top 20 or so songs (in no particular order) that emerged in the context of the first year of Trump-era injustices. Add your favorite political songs from 2017 in the comments here.

(Note: some of these songs contain profane language)

Marcel Cartier – Resist Trump

Marcel Cartier – Red Flag Revival

Las Cafeteras – If I Was President

Hooray for the Riff Raff – Rican Beach

A Tribe Called Red (feat. Leonard Sumner, Shad, Northern Voice) – How I Feel

The Hamilton Mixtape – Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)

David Rovics – Today in Charlottesville

David Rovics – Text Message of the Apocalypse

Dessa – Fire Drills

(song inspired by the #metoo movement)

Downtown Boys – A Wall

Logic – America (featuring Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo, No I.D.)

Prophets of Rage – Unfuck the World

Run the Jewels – 2100 (featuring BOOTS)

Joey Bada$$ – Land of the Free

Alice Bag – White Justice

(Song about racist government repression against the 1970 Chicano Moratorium)

Brother Ali – Before They Called You White

Vic Mensa – We Could Be Free

Lin Manuel Miranda – Almost Like Praying (featuring Artists for Puerto Rico)

(written in the aftermath of the devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria)

Rebel Diaz – Viva Fidel

LessThree – Love Me I’m a Liberal (updated for Trump)

(cover of Phil Ochs song from 1966)

Talib Kweli – All of Us (featuring Yummy Bingham & Jay Electronica)

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