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Pressure builds on Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey – Prosecute killer cops

By Sol Márquez

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Los Angeles, CA – Eight months after the LAPD killing of Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez – the 16-year-old killed by LAPD, and four other police killings of young Chicanos in Boyle Heights, an Oct. 6 call-in day action was organized by Centro CSO.

“It felt good to call DA Jackie Lacey’s office today,” says Juan Mendez father of Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez. “The secretary answered in Spanish, so I was able to fully communicate that I was not only calling to demand justice for all families’ victims of LAPD and Sheriff killings, but especially for my son who was killed this year, Feb. 6.”

The call-in action demanded Lacey use her power as District Attorney to investigate and prosecute killer cops in Los Angeles, including Boyle Heights and East LA.; complete investigations of the LAPD killing of Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez killed on Feb. 6; Jesse Romero killed on Aug. 9; the East LA Sheriff killing of Edwin Rodriguez on Feb. 14, and Arturo Y Torrez, killed by the LAPD on April 10.

Estela Rodriguez called the DA early in the morning demanding justice for her son Edwin Rodriguez. She stated “I will not stop until we win justice for my son Edwin.”

Jesse Romero’s family and friends discussed how when they called to leave their message for DA Jackie Lacey the person answering was serious and respectful.

“When I made my call,” says Josefina Mendez mother of Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez, “I was able to let the secretary know that I was the mother of ‘Peruzzi’, and I wanted justice. I’m sure taking messages for DA Jackie Lacey are heavier when they come from the parents of the children killed by LAPD.”

Centro CSO plans to follow up with a protest demanding for justice from DA Jackie Lacey. It is time LAPD be held accountable for the crimes against Boyle Heights Chicanos.

“It's time that these criminal cops pay for the distress their actions have caused the families of these kids. They may think they're untouchable, but there is a storm coming,” says Alex Orellana, a Chicano member of Centro CSO. “More and more cops are starting to be persecuted for these shootings, and many more will come. We will keep fighting until all these murderers are off our streets and behind bars.”

Centro CSO invites all to attend their monthly meetings. The next one is happening on Oct. 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Benjamin Franklin Library in Boyle Heights. RSVP via Facebook here:

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