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People's Thanksgiving

By Maria Camargo

Eight years ago an annual celebration began in Chicago that just keeps getting bigger and better: People's Thanksgiving. During this celebration, thanks and recognition are given to fighters for justice, and the continuing struggle against oppression is also commemorated.

People's Thanksgiving began in 1992, the year that marked the 500th anniversary of Columbus's colonization of the Americas. The event is a response to the misguided celebration of Columbus and the destruction he brought to the Americas.

“Breaking the Bonds of Criminalization and Repression” is the theme of People's Thanksgiving 1999. The dramatic and growing fight, against police brutality and against the criminalization of people of color, will be celebrated.

Last years People's Thanksgiving was a big success, over a hundred people participated. The theme of the 1998 celebration marked the 100th anniversary of the Spanish-American War and the 150th anniversary of the Mexican-American War, highlighting the heroic resistance of the Cuban, Filipino, and Mexican peoples to U.S. domination.

Moving speeches and presentations were given by Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Filipino activists. Freedom Road presented them with awards for the struggles they wage against oppression.

This years People's Thanksgiving will include presentations and awards, a photo exhibit, a jeopardy game, the always delicious dinner, and an entertaining kids show.

Join us in giving thanks for, and recognition to, the continuing struggle for justice, equality, and liberation.

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