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Powerful rally in Harlem to protect Black trans women

By Carolyn Connolly

NYC rally to protect Black trans women.

New York, NY – Over 150 people gathered June 24 demanding urgent action to address the epidemic of violence facing Black trans women.

The day before, on June 23, Nina Grey was attacked by a man with a screwdriver in the middle of the day on the subway. Attacks such as this are a frightening and common occurrence in the lives of so many Black trans sisters.

27 trans people have been murdered in the first half of this year, and last year 44 trans people were murdered that we know of. Statistically somewhere between 88 and 92% of those murdered are Black and Latina transgender women.

Also, important to note is nine out of ten trans people report being harassed attacked and sexually assaulted by the police.

The spirited crowd was vocal and passionate, shouting “Black trans lives matter, trans lives matter.”

The rally was led by the New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NAYTAG) along the Brooklyn Ghost Project, the TGNCNB Bridges for Life, Audrey Lord Project, Half Project Community Kinship Life and Road for Us.

Donations can be made today to support the work of the above organizations at

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