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Portuguese people gather in solidarity with Cuban Revolution

By staff

Portuguese event builds solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

Porto, Portugal – Around 100 people gathered in the northern Portuguese city of Porto to show solidarity with the Cuban revolution. They came together at the People's University of Porto (Universidade Popular de Porto, UPP) to demand an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

The United States government imposed a blockade to strangle the Cuban economy soon after the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

Ilda Figueiredo, representing the Portuguese Cuban Solidarity Association, gave a sharp message condemning the oppression that Cubans face on a daily basis due to the U.S. blockade.

Claudia Amador González, ambassador of Cuba in Portugal joined the meeting via video conference to express, “the importance of international solidarity with Cuba, and that every effort done in favor of Cuba is very important, since we need to fight the blockade from everywhere.”

The participants chanted “Cuba vencerá!” (Cuba will win) to demonstrate that the Cuban revolution isn't isolated or forgotten internationally, and that the Cuban socialist system is seen as a great hope for humanity.

At the end of the meeting all the participants committed to continuing the fight and to coming together in solidarity with Cuba.

Event in Portugal opposes U.S. blockade of Cuba

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