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Police cover up and lie about 14-year-old murdered by LAPD

By staff

Boyle Heights continues demanding Justice for Jesse Romero

Mother and Aunt of Jesse Romero, as well as Sol Marquez of Centro CSO.

Los Angeles, CA – Protesters continue demanding justice for 14-year-old Jesse Romero. Romero was shot and killed by LAPD the evening of Aug. 9. Protesters rallied on Wednesday night, Aug. 10, at the site of his murder. On Saturday, Aug. 15, protesters lined up at the steps of the LAPD Hollenbeck Police Station in Boyle Heights. The family of Jesse Romero, with Centro CSO (Community Service Organization), is demanding a stop to the police killings of young Chicanos in the neighborhood and justice for Jesse Romero. Romero is the fifth person killed by LAPD this year in Boyle Heights.

The cops are covering up and lying about the shooting. A video posted on Democracy Now on Aug. 12 after the shooting of Jesse Romero, shows an old revolver gun on the opposite side of a metal fence where Romero fell and police are standing. This gives validity to one witness who says Romero threw the old gun away over the fence and later was shot while unarmed. LAPD claims witnesses say Romero shot at police. According to the video, the old gun may have gone off when it fell on the other side of the fence on the concrete. This supports other witnesses that say Romero did not shoot the gun toward police.

Protesters began arriving at noon. Friends and family members of Jesse Romero showed up waving signs in front of the police station. They stood behind a banner that read, “Justice 4 Jesse; Stop police killings.” They began chanting “Asesinos! Asesinos, mentirosos, mentirosos, assesinos and liars!”

As more families showed up, the crowd moved to the steps of the police station. Romero’s family was joined by the families of other victims of police violence. The family of LAPD murder victim Jose Mendez showed up in full force. Holding a banner that read, “Justice for Jose Mendez; stop killing our youth” they also demanded justice for Jesse Romero. Family members of many victims came and spoke to the crowd.

Estela Rodriguez spoke about her son’s murder by East LA Sheriffs on Feb. 14. “My son’s body was left on the street by East Los Angeles Sheriffs at 4 a.m. Feb. 14 until 5 p.m. the next day. These officers aren’t pigs or dogs; we get more use out of these animals than we can from them.”

On April 10, Arturo Torrez was shot and killed by LAPD in Boyle Heights. His mother, Blanca Duenas, spoke to the crowd. “When I asked LAPD if they had the whereabouts of my son, they said, ‘No.’ They also denied they had killed him, and that his body had been in the morgue for over four days.”

On Feb. 6, the LAPD shot and killed Jose Mendez. His mother, Josefina Mendez, speaking to the crowd, said, “It pains me to see that my 16-year-old son is in an urn. I am supporting all of these mothers today because we should not be alone during these times.”

Maria Banda also spoke of her son, Ricardo Pellazco, who was 18 years old when he was shot many times in Boyle Heights by LAPD but survived and was sent to prison.

Fred Hampton Jr., of the Black Panther Party Cubs spoke, as well. He is the son of former Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, who was murdered by police in 1969. Fred Hampton Jr. said “Let’s call it what it is, police terrorism! This is not a war on crime, on guns; this is a war against the people.”

Centro CSO is continuing its efforts in organizing for justice for all the Chicano and Boyle Heights victims of LAPD killings. They invite all residents to the Liberation Day Chicano Moratorium Program event happening on Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. at the St. Mary’s Church. Parents of Chicanos killed by LAPD will be speaking, as well as invited guests from the original Chicano Moratorium, and Black Lives Matter-LA. For more information, reach out to Centro CSO here: [email protected] Event here:

Protesters line up on the steps of Hollenbeck Police Station.

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