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Philippines: New People’s Army orders COVID-19 monitoring in Davao areas

By staff

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The communist-led New People’s Army (NPA) command in South Mindanao (SMR) has ordered its units to closely monitor and immediatly report of cases of COVID-19 infection in their respective areas of responsibility. The NPA-SMR command covers Davao City and other Davao regions which are dominated by the Duterte family dynasty. Cases of local transmission have been reported recently in the region.

In an April 1 statement, Rigoberto Sanchez, NPA-SMR spokesperson, ordered all NPA units in the region “to assist all organs of political power and revolutionary organizations in addressing the health crisis in their areas of operation.”

Sanchez continued, “Red commanders and fighters, especially medical officers, are ordered to launch widespread information dissemination, undertake health and sanitation campaigns, and draw up preventive measures.”

The revolutionary movement in SMR is no stranger to coping with natural tragedies. In 2012, it led the reconstruction of communities after the region was hit by super typhoon Pablo. For decades, the NPA in the region has consistently stood for the welfare and interests of the masses, especially during times of calamity and crisis.

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