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PFLP: We salute the victory of the prisoners

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

We salute the victory of the prisoners in this battle and call for the continuation of a broader process of political, on the field, media, and popular support, considering that their cause is one of the main issues of the struggle against the enemy.

The participation of the Palestinian Authority in the Aqaba-Sharm el-Sheikh meeting is a coup against the popular will and a rebellion against the decisions of the national consensus that reject this participation and warn of its consequences.

The continuation of the [Palestinian] Authority on this destructive path will have serious repercussions on the resistance in the West Bank and on the internal Palestinian situation. This requires exposing this approach and confronting it explicitly by the national community: politically, media-wise, popularly, and by democratic means.

Our position considers that the struggle with the zionist enemy is an antagonistic struggle that cannot be resolved with illusions of settlement, peace, and political solutions, but rather with resistance in all its forms, until the enemy and its hostile project are defeated. In this context, we call for deepening the predicament of this entity, protecting our existence and our rights through escalating resistance, and clashing in all sites and arenas.

We call for confronting the targeting [of the resistance] in all its dimensions and its parties, through [battle] field unity and emphasizing resistance as an approach, culture, and tool. We also call for protecting the resistance, providing political cover for it, and enhancing its popular incubator.

We call on all [national] forces to immediately begin searching for mechanisms to implement the signed agreements to end division and restore unity. We see the initiative put forward by the Front as an important mechanism to form a widespread popular, political, and societal situation that takes upon itself to impose these agreements on the divided parties.

We welcome the Saudi-Iranian agreement and consider it one of the steps that can cool the regional conflict, expose the falsehood of the sectarian conflict claim, as well as [put an end to] the Saudi war on Yemen, and we warn of attempts to sabotage the agreement by the US administration and the zionist entity.

The collapse of three American banks during March 2023 is not far from international transformations and crises resulting from the Ukrainian-Russian war, and reveals the contradictions of the capitalist system, especially in its Western model, which serves the bourgeois class, protects its interests, and burdens the consequences of its crises on the working class and the poor in general.

The seriousness of the current developments and the plans targeting our cause and our national and historical rights require the highest cohesion and unity to confront them; a national unity that is reflected in a national liberation program, and national institutions rebuilt democratically, especially the Palestine Liberation Organization; the legitimate and sole representative of our people, where a true national partnership is available.

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