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PFLP: The occupier lies about the starvation massacre, and the international reaction is a disgrace in itself

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following March 1 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The English translation appeared on the Resistance News Network on Telegram.

The Popular Front confirmed that the international statements and reactions to the occupation's massacre of citizens, who were collectively executed after trying to reach food, do not rise to the level of the crime and represent one of the continuous attempts to cover up the brutal crimes of the occupation and the ongoing genocide campaign against our people.

The Front affirmed that this international complacency, which was limited to condemnation, “expressing concern,” and calls for an independent investigation, amounts to a green light for the occupation to continue lying about one of the most brutal crimes in human history, committing more massacres, and proceeding with the genocide war.

The Front stated that there is no point to continue talking about a temporary truce that represents a vacation for the killers and relieves pressure on their supporters. The whole world must immediately act to stop the genocide and punish the occupier war criminals.

The Front stressed that the international system, whose deceit and bias towards the occupier were exposed, should not expect our people to stand idly by in the face of these massacres. Our people are capable of surpassing all imaginations about the limits of the Palestinian response.

The Front called on our people and our Arab nation to engage in all forms and tools of action to punish the criminals and the genocidal murderers, affirming that our people, our nation, and the supporters of Palestine and its oppressed people are the main front in confronting the criminal butcher Joe Biden and the genocide support coalition.