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PFLP: The American partnership in the aggression against our people has escalated the genocidal war

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The American and European cover and partnership in the Zionist aggression, especially after the Al-Maamadani hospital massacre, allowed this enemy to escalate the war crimes of extermination against our people, affecting more hospitals, bakeries, and shelters affiliated with UNRWA.

Our people have suffered from a clear Arab betrayal that allowed the American administration and the enemy to reach a climax in their crimes and terrorism against civilians, which would not have been possible without this Arab official weakness and decline.

Confronting this genocidal war is no less essential than confronting the dangers of displacement, and the shaky, official Arab stances are unacceptable while our people are being exterminated.

The resistance forces in the region, with their brave stance alongside the Palestinian people with all their means, what they have achieved in confronting decisive strikes against the enemy, and what the Arab masses and free people of the world do and are doing daily in support of Palestine, only confirms that standing against this aggression is a possible and achievable duty. The peoples and active forces will continue to stand by this people until they achieve victory over the brutal Zionist project.

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