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PFLP Statement on International Women’s Day

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

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On March 8, women of the world mark this day as one that honors the role of women and their struggle in their families and communities to confront discrimination, oppression and marginalization, emphasizing the struggle of working class women and nationally and racially oppressed women. This day takes on additional importance for Palestinian women in the context of their struggle and participation in the Palestinian national liberation movement since the very beginning of the struggle against colonization on the land of Palestine, confronting Zionist invasion and occupation of the land of Palestine.

Today, Palestinian women struggle not only against patriarchy, discrimination and male chauvinism but against the Zionist enemy that has confiscated and attacked the Palestinian land, society and people in a massive ethnic cleansing throughout the 20th century that continues through the present day.

This day is a day to honor the women who constantly confront the enemy, its attacks, settlements, terror and aggression and who defend the dignity of their families against constant colonial settler attacks while upholding their right to education, health, work and full participation in society.

Women are not only half of the society, but their role is critical and essential to the liberatory and revolutionary project in our society. The advancement and liberation of women is necessary for the development and liberation of the Palestinian people and society.

On this day, we celebrate and honor the Palestinian women prisoners and martyrs and the mothers, sisters and wives of martyrs and prisoners, and all Palestinian women, struggling for our freedom and self-determination. We emphasize the need to defend and advance their rights and strengthen the role of women’s leadership in political parties, organizations and all social institutions, in their rightful role in the struggle for return, self-determination and national liberation.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Central Information Department March 8, 2017

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