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PFLP: Rallies in Ramallah, Dheisheh must grow to confront occupation, PA sanctions on Gaza

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

PFLP urges the continuation of the popular movement in the occupied West Bank and throughout Palestine to confront occupation and the actions of the Palestinian Authority

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the masses of the Palestinian people in the West Bank who came out Sunday evening in Ramallah and Dheisheh in mass rallies in support of our people in the Gaza Strip. These rallies rejected the punitive measures and sanctions imposed on Gaza by the Palestinian Authority. The Front called for continued and escalating popular movement in the occupied West Bank and for growing pressure on the PA to put an end to the crime of sanctions on the Gaza Strip forever.

The Front considered that the broad popular participation in these rallies, embodied with slogans and angry chants against the continuing sanctions on the Gaza Strip, proved that the unity of our people is stronger than the attempts to destabilize it through practices aimed at striking our people in the Gaza Strip and their resistance. The Authority must re-calculate all of its bets on continuing the crimes of starving Gaza and attempting to divide our people and draw lessons from the words of the masses in the streets yesterday.

The Front condemned the actions of the PA security services that attempted to provoke the mass demonstration participants in an attempt to end the march and try to prevent it from moving forward. The voice of the people and their determination to make this demonstration a success was stronger than all of these repressive practices.

The Front emphasized that the people in the heart of Ramallah and Bethlehem sent a strong message to all those who traffic and conspire with the pain and suffering of our people that no one, no matter their title or position, can ignore the will of the Palestinian people and their loud, strong voice. Yesterday, this was clear in the streets of Ramallah and Dheisheh: Together with our people in the diaspora and on the front lines of the Return camps in the Gaza Strip!

The Front added that the Palestinian masses broke the “barrier of silence” yesterday, expressing clearly their national spirit of unity and rejection of all policies and practices that increase the suffering of the Gaza Strip, which is under siege and facing continued Zionist aggression. Gaza deserves all of our support and these sanctions must be ended immediately.

The Front further expressed its confidence in the youth of the West Bank and their awareness of the necessity to continue these marches of anger and transfer them to all of the cities of the West Bank, as seen last night in their success in mobilizing these marches for Gaza as well as the significant rise in confrontations of the Zionist soldiers and settlers in recent weeks.

The Front also emphasized the need for the March of Return to continue to mobilize and expand throughout Palestine. It also emphasized the efforts to achieve national reconciliation, restore unity and create a new political process that meets the level of the sacrifices of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian masses proved yesterday in Ramallah and Dheisheh and before that in Gaza, Haifa and Umm al-Fahm that they know the way forward and that the pulse of the masses pushes forward our struggle for return and liberation.

The Front also called upon the organizations and associations of the Palestinian people in the diaspora to engage in this growing national and popular movement to express the unity of our people and their position everywhere.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

11 June 2018

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