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PFLP to help rebuild Gaza

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Aug. 17 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP): PFLP vows to work to rebuild homes as delegation visits Khuza’a and Shuja’iya

A leadership delegation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine continued its visits to neighborhoods and villages hit hard by the Zionist assault on the Gaza Strip on Saturday, August 16. The delegation, including members of the Political Bureau and Central Committee, visited Khan Younis and villages and towns in the eastern regions, including Khuza’a, and Abasan, and homes that were destroyed by the occupation forces, including Abu Taama and Abu Daqqah homes east of Khan Younis.

The delegation also met with families of the martyrs in the area, including the familes of the martyrs Ra’afat Shahin, Raafat Zourob, Farid Ahmed, Ahmed Ahmed, Nael Abu Libdeh, Anas Abu Shamala and many others. and also visited the families of martyrs and wounded people in Rafah.Delegation members witnessed the scope of the destruction of houses, farms, agricultural land and infrastructure. Many people of the area relayed their and their families’ experience of death and destruction in the indiscriminate shelling by occupation forces, which was focused on the homes and people in the eastern neighborhoods and towns of the Gaza Strip.

Continuing its visits, the delegation travelled to Zeitoun neighborhood, Bureij, and Shujaiya, saying that “if one wants to know the true face of the enemy, visit Shujaiya neighborhood – these areas reflect the clear truth of its nature.”

The delegation commended the steadfastness and heroism of the brave resistance that confronted the killing machines, tanks and soldiers of the enemy, inflicting many losses. The people of these villages suffered greatly from the occupation’s brutal shelling and missiles on the areas, displacing families, and killing and wounding many. They said that this massive devastation and brutal crimes will only lead Palestinians to continue to stand fast to confront the colonizer and defeat this criminal enemy.

The Front pledged to stand with and work actively to ensure the homes and infrastructure of the area are rebuilt, and to work with the relevant authorities to ensure the restoration of electricity, water and other necessities of life.

They conveyed the greetings of the Political Bureau, including imprisoned General Secretary Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, his deputy, Abu Ahmad Fouad, to the heroic masses of the Palestinian people and the families who have lost loved ones, suffered injuries, are displaced, whose homes are destroyed, saluting their legendary steadfastness in the face of a genocidal war machine directed at the great Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The Front’s organizations, youth, labor and other networks and community institutions are also continuing their social solidarity and relief campaign, “We Are All Resistance,” including distributing food parcels, blankets, mattresses, emergency needs and organizing activities to support displaced people.

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