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PFLP greets the prisoners, steadfast heroes of the struggle, on Palestinian Prisoners Day

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sent greetings of pride and appreciation to all Palestinian prisoners in the jails of the occupation, men and women, children and elders, to the veteran long-time prisoners and our imprisoned leaders, at the forefront, the Front’s General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, and brother leaders Marwan Barghouthi, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, and members of the Legislative Council.jihad-gefang

The Front saluted the historic role of the prisoners’ movement in building and sustaining the Palestinian national liberation movement and its ongoing victories in upholding the prisoners’ will and steadfastness against the executioner. The prisoners’ struggle is one that transcends Palestinian political and geographical division and builds national unity based on the resistance of our people and their multilayered struggle to defeat the occupation, free the prisoners and achieve return, liberation, self-determination and our capital in Jerusalem.

The Front said that the first duty in supporting the prisoners’ movement, their struggles, their families and honoring their sacrifices and those of the martyrs is to uphold the resistance and restore national unity, ending this national crisis and the twenty-year nightmare of negotiations, to struggle together to defeat the occupation, the settlements, the siege, killings, arrests and terror exerted by the occupation state against our people, our land and our rights.

The Front called on Palestinian Prisoners Day, April 17, to be a landmark for the Palestinian movement to adopt a strategy and a unified national and political resistance to support the struggle of the prisoners’ movement against the occupier and its crimes. It also emphasized the need to provide a framework for the solidarity movement internationally to work to hold Israel accountable on the international level and to confront the occupation on the Arab level, including recognizing Palestinian prisoners as prisoners of war, prosecuting the occupation for violating their rights guaranteed in customary international law and the Geneva Conventions. The Front urged international organizations to act to defend the rights of our people and our prisoners as prisoners of war and fighters for freedom, independence and self-determination, and to hold the occupation and its leaders accountable.

The Front said that the prisoners’ struggle is part of an alternative national strategy based on a program of resistance, national liberation, democracy, and restoring the status of the PLO as the sole legitimate representative through a new elected National Council representing our people inside and outside the homeland, and developing a unified national leadership. The Front emphasized the need to protect the prisoners’ rights during their imprisonment and after their liberation, as they are the vanguard of the Palestinian struggle for liberation and role models for generations to come.

The Front called for the widest participation in actions and events on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day inside and outside Palestine. The battle of freedom of the prisoners is an integral part of the battle for freedom of our people, and action cannot be delayed.

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