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A people's mandate: Milwaukee County overwhelmingly demands an end to state abortion ban

By staff

Organizers with Reproductive Justice Action - Milwaukee canvassed over 1000 home

Milwaukee, WI – On April 4, activists with Reproductive Justice Action – Milwaukee (RJAM) celebrated the end of the Wisconsin spring election. Many organizations poured energy into the extremely important State Supreme Court election, which had reproductive rights, workers' rights, and fair electoral maps taking center stage. RJAM focused on getting voters to the polls by encouraging Milwaukee people to vote in favor of an advisory referendum, polling Milwaukee County’s opinion on overturning the state's 1849 abortion ban.

RJAM was able to win this advisory referendum after picketing county supervisors’ homes over the summer. The referendum saw an overwhelming 76% of voters in Milwaukee County in favor of overturning the abortion ban. The same advisory referendum in Dane County (where Wisconsin's capitol city of Madison resides) had 85% for overturning the ban.

Milwaukee and Dane County make up over 25% of the entire population of Wisconsin. What this demonstrates is that there's a people's mandate for the elimination of Wisconsin State Statue 940.04 -the abortion ban. These non-binding referendums are vital to continuing pressure on the Wisconsin legislature to overturn the ban and provide legal and safe abortions.

RJAM canvassed 1000 homes in the Milwaukee community, specifically focusing on areas with the lowest voter turnout. Spring elections in Wisconsin usually have very low voter turnout, but due to the high stakes and various canvassing efforts, this election had record breaking voter turnout for a spring election in Wisconsin.

These referendum results and a new progressive justice elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court lead to favorable conditions to the fight for legal abortion access. RJAM is excited to continue the fight and demand this referendum be made binding.

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