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Palestinian youth lead rally in solidarity general strike

By Sara Kraco

Milwaukee march in solidarity with Palestine.

Milwaukee, WI – On May 18, nearly 200 people gathered outside of Bradford Beach, below the North Point Water Tower, to rally and march in solidarity with the general strike in Palestine. The crowd was made up of many students and Palestinian families, as well as members from the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and other groups.

People marched down Lincoln Memorial Drive as a small car caravan followed behind. The crowd was filled with Palestinian flags and keffiyehs. Chants called for Palestinian freedom. The people yelled, “Netanyahu, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” Even the youngest children in the crowd joined in, chanting, “Hey hey! Ho ho! The occupation’s got to go!”

The crowd eventually looped back to the initial meeting spot, and Bissan Abubaker, one of the young women who organized the event, spoke to the attendees.

“We stand here today in solidarity with the Palestinian trade unions, students, organizations and unions across the country. We stand here in solidarity with the strike happening in Palestine. Please try to attend every protest you can because every protest and every march is a step towards a free Palestine. Insha’Allah.”

Another protest, organized by a coalition of Muslim and Arab-American groups from Milwaukee, is planned for Thursday, May 20 at the same location at 5:30 p.m.

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