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Over 250,000 march for immigrant rights in Los Angeles, denounce Arizona’s SB1070

By Eric Gardner

250,000 immigrant workers and allies marched for immigrant rights here today, denouncing Arizona’s racist SB1070 law and demanding “Legalization now!” The march on International Workers’ Day demanded that the Democratic Party and President Obama live up to their election campaign promise to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Veronica Ramirez, a community organizer, spoke about fighting privatization of t

Tens of thousands of immigrant workers and their families took to the streets to

The protest warned, “Obama, escucha, el pueblo esta en lucha!” (Obama, listen, t

Several hundred people from many organizations joined the LGBTQ contingent

Indigenous organizations formed a large contingent, with slogans targeted agains

Many signs made the connections between immigrant rights and workers’ rights.

The Bus Riders Union formed a lively, multi-national contingent in the march.

The Labor Community Strategy Center marched alongside the Bus Riders Union, with

A group of Korean drummers marched alongside hundreds of Korean workers.

Dozens of immigrant communities were represented in the march, from Central and

Several hundred students from the MEChA

Many signs called the Arizona law, SB1070, a fascist law

Demonstrators emphasized that immigrants are workers, not criminals

Several hours after the march, there were still tens of thousands of people

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