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Over 1000 protest at Houston Airport against Trump's Muslim ban

By Fabian Van Onzin

Over 1000 people protested at Bush Intercontinental Airport against Trump's Muslim ban. According to various news sources, multiple people are being detained at the airport due to the new executive order. The protesters occupied the international terminal and demanded that all the detained be released. The police tried to disperse the crowd, but were unsuccessful as more people poured into the terminal. There were people both inside and outside. At the height of the action, the entire hallway was filled with people from all walks of life. They chanted, “No more borders!” and ''Stop the hate, stop the fear, Muslims are welcome here.”

Phillip Scots, a student at the University of Houston, said, “The new Trump administration is attacking Muslims here at home in order to continue their wars abroad. The U.S. has created the refugee crisis by waging war in the Middle East, which has driven people out of their country. By attacking Muslims and undocumented people, they don't address the real problems of society, such as poverty, economic exploitation and homelessness. The real solution to the refugee crisis is a complete end to the war in the Middle East and a society free from all forms of oppression.”

More protests are planned for the coming week, although the exact details have not yet been released

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