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Organizers in Oshkosh, WI demand justice for Isaiah Tucker

By Dan Pratt

Oshkosh, WI rally against police crimes.

Oshkosh, WI – On the afternoon of September 19, over 30 people gathered in Menominee Park in Oshkosh to demand justice for Isaiah Tucker. The group came together to protest the violent police killing of Tucker and to demand the officers responsible be held accountable. Tucker was a 28-year-old Black man from Oshkosh, and a father of three, who was murdered at the hands of Oshkosh Police Department officers Aaron Achterberg and Kyler Roberts.

After the demonstrators rallied on a busy street corner with signs and banners that read “Justice for Isaiah Tucker!” and “Police accountability now!” they marched through the park and shut down traffic, chanting “No justice, no peace!” and “We want CPAC now!” The community embraced the demonstration by cheering on the march, honking car horns, and even joining in the chants of “Black lives matter!” The action was organized by local grassroots organization United Action Oshkosh.

“Menominee Park definitely heard us on Saturday,” said Jeremy Bradley, United Action Oshkosh organizer and Teamsters union activist. “We were loud, consistent and did just what we wanted to do, be heard and disrupt the peace. Aside from a few counter-protesters, the community at the park showed support for the march.”

Salazar Vaas Keapa, a Black lives matter activist from Waupaca, saw the action in Oshkosh as a success, saying, “It was awesome, peaceful and had great speakers. Oshkosh was my 40th protest this year. This is just me getting warmed up. I love doing these events and making friends, real friends, plus yelling at racists with a megaphone just feels great.”

The rally for justice in Oshkosh was just one of many across the country as people organized against a racist government for the national day of protest against police terror, called by the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. The message from coast to coast is clear: the people have had enough of police crimes and are ready for community control of the police.

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