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Occupy Milwaukee: Keep it in the Streets June 6

By staff

Milwaukee, WI – Occupy Milwaukee says to vote Governor Scott Walker out June 5, then “Keep it in the Streets” June 6. Occupy chapters from around the state will be joining with several unions and dozens of community organizations to hold a mass rally and march the day after the historic June 5 recall election. The message is catching on as hundreds pledge to march, regardless of who wins the recall.

“We might be depressed or we might be celebrating June 5, but regardless, we're going out there June 6 to let everyone know this recall is one battle within a much larger conflict against the 1% and we're gonna keep on fighting,” stated Occupy Milwaukee activist Daniel Ginsberg.

Support for this idea is spreading widely in a state that has been engulfed in a battle to save unions and to fight off cuts to the poor since Republican Governor Scott Walker took office in 2011. Immediately after taking office, Walker attacked union rights to collectively bargain, rolled back laws on workplace discrimination, imposed over $1 billion in cuts to education and opened new fronts on the war against workers, the Black and Latino communities and women.

Endorsers of Keep it in the Streets include the Amalgamated Transit Union 998, AFSCME 82, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, Welfare Warriors, Students for a Democratic Society and many more who have been on the front lines of the battle against Gov. Walker since the winter 2011 Madison uprising, when hundreds of thousands descended on the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Gov. Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are virtually tied in the polls, even though Walker outspent the Democratic gubernatorial candidate by millions. Walker is backed by billionaires who want to turn Wisconsin into a ‘right to work’ state, as was seen on a conversation caught on video between Walker and billionaire Diane Hendricks. Tom Barrett, with his own big money backers, is primarily depending on working people from all over the state, who have already launched a mass successful mobilization to force the recall election.

Many will speak on June 6 before the protest heads downtown and into the banking district. The core unifying demands will be: Repeal Act 10 – hands off unions and collective bargaining; no cuts to education or Badger Care; restore the Equal Pay Act – we demand an end to workplace discrimination; tax the 1% – hold the banksters and the 1% accountable for their economic crisis; and stop the cuts to working and oppressed people.

The Keep it in the Streets protest will start at 5:00 p.m., June 6 at Pere Marquette Park.

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