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Occupy Dallas and Occupy Now hold candlelight vigil for Martin Luther King

By staff

Candelight vigil for Martin Luther King, January 15

Dallas, TX – On the evening of Jan. 15, Occupy Dallas and Occupy Now held a candlelight vigil at the Meyerson Symphony Center in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The vigil was in response to a call from Occupy Wall Street for vigils to take place across the country. The Meyerson Symphony Center was hosting its annual Black Music and Civil Rights Movement concert. Occupiers held signs reading, “Occupy Dallas honors Martin Luther King” and “Thank you.” Others held candles. Turnout was about 50 on a Sunday evening in January.

The next day, Occupy Dallas attended the Dallas Martin Luther King day parade. Also on Jan. 16, Occupy Dallas held a protest at the Federal Reserve in Dallas.

Although the Occupy Dallas encampment was torn down by police on the night of Nov. 17, occupiers continue to hold protests and meetings almost daily. An upturn in activity is expected as spring approaches.

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