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Milwaukee: Occupy Coalition says “Banks and politicians made this mess”

By Melissa Gaido

Trash in front of home with banner saying “Banks and politicians made this mess"

Milwaukee, WI – In response to concerns from community members of the 20th Street neighborhood, north of North Avenue, a newly formed Occupy Coalition consisting of Occupy the Hood, Occupy Milwaukee, Occupy Riverwest and other groups collected trash that had been scattered throughout the streets and lawns of the community. About forty bags of trash were piled in front of an abandoned home on 20th and Meinecke with a banner reading, “Banks and politicians made this mess.”

Community members left their homes to join in the cleanup and wholeheartedly supported the message that greedy bankers and their political cronies are to blame for the condition of their neighborhood.

Muhammad Mahdi, who is running for Supervisor in the 5th district states, “Unemployment leads to foreclosure and abandoned and dilapidated houses, which invites crime and trash. Jobs are a necessity and housing is a human right!”

The Occupy Coalition has a series of actions planned to tackle the issues that Milwaukee residents are facing and they state that they are willing to do what it takes to put an end to this crisis for the 99% and to end attacks on the most oppressed.

Milwaukee's Occupy Coalition in front of an abandoned home on 20th and Meinecke.

Mohammad Mahdi talking with a resident.

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